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Diamond Education

The 6 C?s of choosing your diamond.


The first step in choosing the stone you like is by choosing the type of cut you would like. Round, Princess, and Radiant are the most popular nowadays.

Diamond Cuts


Second, is choosing a carat weight you would like to purchase for your loved one based on your budget. A good range to start off from would be a 1ct – 1.50ct stone.


Third, is deciding if you want a stone with no inclusions (VVS1), or little inclusions (VS1), a few inclusions (SI1), or a lot of inclusions (I1). We recommend choosing a stone that is at least SI1.


Fourth, is deciding if you want color in your stone. The more yellow color the cheaper it is. A colorless stone (D-F), or a little bit of color, barely noticeable with the naked eye (G-H), or slight yellow that CAN be seen with the naked eye (I-L). We recommend a stone that is at least G-H color.


Fifth, if you have a budget, we recommend Price being the second step after you have chosen the Cut you like. Then see what Carat, Clarity, and Color will fit your budget the best.


The last and final step in a diamond choice would be the certificate that will be given with your stone. The most popular ones are GIA and EGL certificates. We also carry un-certified stones which are cheaper in price; these are stones that are graded by a local gemologist.